Surf and Yoga Retreat, why you should book one and where to go.

Cei Bunyan

Cei Bunyan

Cei has spent a lifetime pursuing his passion for surfing. He is now lucky enough to write about it, here, at and for Silvercoast Apartments.

Surf and Yoga retreat for your next holiday to relax and unwind

A Surf and Yoga Retreat is not a new concept. However, many Surf and Yoga Retreats will vary greatly in quality and price. Most of us might get 4 weeks holiday per year. So this makes each day precious and not to be wasted. Travel alone or with your partner or maybe even a group of like minded friends. So for your next holiday be sure to do something a little bit different. A Yoga and Surf retreat sounds pretty exciting to most of us. So how do you pick the holiday of a lifetime, from the myriad of options out there? Well, I am going to hopefully help you make a well informed choice. Where should we start?

Questions you should ask before booking a Surf and Yoga Retreat?

Surf and Yoga retreats – all you need to know before you book. Some people get an idea in their heads and and are able to act on it. A small percentage of people aren’t hampered by time or financial constraints. And are lucky enough to act on a whim and see how the cookie crumbles. The vast majority of us, however, are not that fortunate. You probably lead a busy, sometimes stressful life. A large proportion of our lifestyle choices are unfortunately governed by the pressure of our financial situation. Never is this more apparent than when choosing a holiday.

An ideal Surf and Yoga Retreat Destination is Portugal.

I think for most people destination is going to be right at the top of the list. Ideally somewhere exotic, but most importantly somewhere that both the surfing and the yoga are going to be practical. This is pretty crucial, there’s no point in going on a surfing holiday if there aren’t any waves.

Equally important are the type and size of the waves. Surfing has a pretty steep learning curve, so the right type of surf, as well as good quality equipment and instruction can make all the difference. The SW of France, Indonesia, the east coast of Australia, central America and Peniche in Portugal are all places that have ideal conditions  for those making the first steps in board riding. 

Peniche, Portugal is my  particular favorite, it enjoys a year round mild climate, has fantastic cuisine and culture and some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. An added bonus is that your money goes a lot further here than in a lot of other European destinations. Pick a part of the world that appeals to you and that suits your budget, do some research about the options in the area and take the plunge.

Surfing and Yoga, How Much Is Too Much?

I mentioned earlier that this is a crowded market place. There are packages out there to suit almost any taste. Do you want surf and yoga everyday? Do you want two yoga lessons or two surf sessions per day? There is a lot of physical exertion in both these activities! Are you ready for an intense two sessions a day, surf and yoga retreat?


Maybe you want a couple of off days during your holiday, some relaxing time on the beach, a bit of shopping, taking in the local culture. With a bit of research you can find a yoga and surf holiday that can provide you with any combination of the above. Here at Epic Zen Peniche we provide tailor made packages with excursions to local points of interest and multiple surf, yoga and meal options. Locally sourced, healthy meals are our speciality.

Sao Bernardino beach, surf and yoga retreat at Epic Zen Peniche

All inclusive Surf and Yoga Retreat, self catering or a bit of both?

Food is a fascinating element to any holiday, for me personally it’s very important. I love to try new flavours and styles of cooking. I also think that food is often the most accessible route into understanding any new culture.

Online you will soon discover that there are numerous options regarding food and diet when choosing a surf and yoga retreat. Self-catering, breakfast only, full board or all inclusive options are all available. The health and spiritual aspects of both Yoga and surfing also tend to attract those of us who are are a bit more particular about the fuel we put in our bodies.

Yoga and surf retreats often cater for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free diets, as a matter of course. A week of eating delicious, healthy meals, nutricious smoothies and juices, perhaps sourced locally and organic, certainly appeals to me!. Whatever your preference, I bet there is a Yoga and Surf holiday out there…with your name on it!!

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