A Yoga and Raw food Retreat, Why Portugal has some of the best in the World

Cei Bunyan

Cei Bunyan

Cei has spent a lifetime pursuing his passion for surfing. He is now lucky enough to write about it, here, at SurfBunker.com and for Silvercoast Apartments.

The Best Holiday Ever!

You have nice tan, a spring in your step and feel ready to conquer the world, the office anyway. It’s your first day back at work after a week long Yoga and Raw Food Retreat. A number of your colleagues are quick to inquire as to why you look so fresh and rejuvenated.

”I’ve just had the best holiday ever” you reply enthusiastically.

So what makes a great holiday? Obviously this will vary in some degree from person to person. We can probably all agree that returning to work looking great, full of energy and feeling confident. is the desired result!

A Yoga and Raw Food Retreat will leave you feeling Refreshed and Alive.

If you are anything like me. You often find yourself promising to exercise more, eat more healthily and generally take better care of  body and spirit. This for most of us is lot easier said than done. Our fast paced, highly digitised, 21st century lifestyles, leave little room for real rest and recuperation.

A yoga and raw food retreat, the emphasis being on healthy nutritious food. Will definitely return you home feeling that you have invested in both your physical and mental well being.

Two well instructed yoga sessions and three well thought out, healthy, nutritious meals. Made from locally sourced, often organic ingredients.  All of this taking place in a relaxed, beautiful setting. This is a great recipe for returning the tired worn out you, back into the energetic, focused person we all have within us.

Portugal, a land to lift body and soul

It might be small, yet Portugal continues to punch well above its weight. This is a country which has everything;

  • Beautiful Beaches
  • A fantastic climate
  • Some of the world’s best wine
  • Picturesque Cities
  • Deep rooted culture and history
  • Amazing seafood and cuisine
  • Great festivals in almost every town and village
  • Pastel de natas
  • Wonderful warm hearted locals
  • Your money goes a long way

This really is just a small list of the things that immediately spring to mind. I am lucky enough to have lived in Portugal for nearly 10 years, even now this wonderful country keeps surprising me. Jump on one of the many cheap flights here, bring an open mind and you really can’t fail to have a jolly good time.

Whether it’s Golf, Surfing, Kiteboarding, mountain biking, wine tasting, walking or caravaning. Portugal caters to almost every taste, believe or not, there is even skiing here.


Caldas da Rainha fruit and Vegetable market, key ingredients for a yoga and raw food retreat
Delicious fresh, local produce is easy to find in Portugal, most towns still have a daily local market.

Every type of yoga retreat you can imagine

Yoga somehow always feels better when you are near the ocean. Perhaps this explains why Portugal offers such a bewildering selection of holiday choices. After all, this is a country with a lot of coastline. A quick search online reveals many different flavors of Yoga retreat. 

Yoga and surfing, yoga and raw food retreat, yoga with meditation, healing yoga retreats, adventure yoga holidays. You get the idea! 

After providing accommodation here in Peniche for 10 years, our guests like to tell us their favourite holiday retreats. Many of our quests often tell us their favourite retreat is yoga and meditation. This year more and more say they love a surfing retreat “my personal favourite” of course. Another favourite retreat we hear a lot is the raw food and yoga retreat. Others we can suggest are healing yoga retreats and adventure yoga holidays. Even more information about Yoga and Surf retreats can be found here.

Great local produce equals wonderful food

Earlier I listed some of the things that make Portugal such a great holiday choice. Another great reason is the quality and variety of its produce. Large parts of Portugal are still very rural. As a result farming and livestock play a large part in the nation’s economy.

The Portuguese love their food and furthermore it is a great source of national pride. It also seems like a great deal of this agriculture still takes place on a small scale. Modern, heavily industrialised farming techniques are not the norm here, yet. Small family owned and run farms are still commonplace, consequently the variety and quality tends to be much higher.

Similarly many towns and villages still have daily markets in their centers, where local producers come to sell the fruits of their labor. Everything is fresh, in season and often organically grown. Little old ladies with stalls selling herbs and fruits from theirs gardens. 

No pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GM produce here!

Due to this abundance of high quality and often cheap ingredients. Any yoga and  raw food retreat worth its salt, should find it very easy to serve good quality nutritious meals. Bountiful local fruits, make mean smoothies and juices are a breeze, furthermore the fresher they are, the higher their nutritional value. Buddha Retreats near Peniche has a particular emphasis given to the quality of the ingredients it uses. 

If smoothies and juices are your thing, another yoga and raw food retreat that comes highly recommended is Epic Zen Peniche. 

That's settled then, Portugal it is!

Hopefully you now have a greater insight into what Portugal has to offer. Choose a yoga and raw food retreat here and I am sure you will not leave disappointed. You are almost guaranteed fantastic weather. Add to this wonderful food and wines, the warm and friendly people, beautiful coastline and fantastic prices. You really can’t go wrong. 

Finally, all that’s left for you to do, is pick a location and style of yoga retreat that appeals to you. Match it to your budget and click BOOK!


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